It is that time of the year … Who is your hero?

On Thursday, I headed back to school, and on Monday, the kids came back, with classes starting this past Tuesday. The kids appear promising, though with two of my classes up 50%, and the others up about 20% … along with some bureaucratic changes that I fear are going to discourage kids from taking challenging electives, it is a very tentative year. My colleagues are putting on a happy face and acting like pros, but when the worry about the ability of quality education to survive is starting to have its impact.  Our school has been able to hold out amid the chaos for a long time, and I think we are all afraid the best days of the school are either over, or may not be back for a long time.

Nonetheless, my 17 year tradition of polling my students continues. Each year, like many teachers, I ask some questions of my students, some of which gives me a little insight into their thinking … some I ask for my personal curiosity.
For the record: these response are a mix of my sophomores who come from a lower level class and my seniors who are taking a full year elective course in non-AP physics (but borders on accelerated). Some of these students are in accelerated/AP courses, including AP Chem and Bio. As always, I present the answers as they were given to me.

This year, in response to a question I got from a viewer last year, I am doing things differently.  Every few days I will pick a question, and give all of the answers, instead of just select answers.

Who is your hero? Why is that person your hero?

  • Obama, hes cool
  • My brother, I try to be live him.
  • My mom because she has been through a lot and still loves me and my siblings
  • My mom, because shes a good role model
  • noone
  • My grandma or dad because they both had tough lifes and they became suceesful people.
  • My Mom and Dad because even though their divorced, they’re both still there for me at all times.
  • My mom b/c she is such a wonderful human being & she is a great cook.
  • My cousin Marissa is probably m hero because  shes alwaysnice and caring towards everyone and is just an amazing person to be around
  • I don’t have a hero.
  • Michael Jordan because he change basketball
  • My hawkette coach, She is so younge, but works so hard, she owns her own studio and runs a dance team.  She is understanding and a amazing coach. [Note:  this is a very special response to me.  The coach she is referring to is, in fact, a former student of mine;  the first time I can report one of my students got named as someone’s hero in this response.  I can verify that she is every bit the passionate and professional coach this current student describes her to be.]
  • I would say my mom is my hero because she got where she is today by herself without anyone’s help.
  • My hero is my doctors because they saved my life when I was a baby due to heart problems.
  • Avril Lavigne, she had her first album and hit singles at the age of 16.
  • My older sister Anna, she always gets me to do my best and gives me wonderful tips.
  • Probably my mom because I look up to her for everything
  • Mom because she is really nice and supportive
  • My parents because they had to put up with me and my siblings and they were great examples.
  • My dad because he sets the greatest example for my sister and I.  He is loyal, responsible, respectful, understanding and wants the best for his family.
  • William Shakespeare, he is my hero because he didn’t let his poor background stop him from becoming one of the most famous authors ever. [Note:  Spelling is a big issue for many of my sophomores.  My initial impression was to think this was some attempt to impress me, but given that this young lady spelled Bill’s last name correctly tells me she is prett darn serious!]
  • Mariusz Pudzianowski, he is my hero because he is the world’s stronges man and he is also Polish like me..  When I look at him I see that when he was youd he was just like me and the accomplished a lot in his life so it tells me that I can accomplish a lot just like him. [Note, I checked this out, and Mr Pudzianowski is in fact the first five-time winner of the International “Strongest Man” competition.]
  • My grandma was my hero.  She died not to long ago but she was the best grandma.  She took care of me like if I was her everthing.  I was her spoil girl.  and my mom is my hero/best friend because shes always there for me.
  • I would say either my mom or my cousin, Amanda.  My mom does a lot for my family and I so I look up to that.  Amanda is always there for me and helps me out with things also.
  • One of my heroes are my mom becaus she does a lot for me.
  • My Dad, I’ve always looked up to him and always wanted to be just like him.
  • My Great grandfather because he’s taught my father to be a good man.
  • My dad he taught me how to play ball and about cars.
  • Myself I think I am great and know what I can do in life.
  • My hero is MJ, because hes the best.
  • I really don’t have any heros.
  • My mom because she always comes to my rescue when I need help.
  • My dad because he knows everything I want to know.
  • Coach Disrude, he is a good guy, has time for everyone, strong, he has been through rough stuff and overcame it, wants to help everyone [Note:  Coach Disrude is one of my colleagues whom I know well:  he is our freshman wrestling coach, and I think he does a phenomenal job of really educating a bunch of 14 year old testosterone laden boys into better disciplined wrecking machines.]
  • My cousin he always helps me with problem and I want to be like him.
  • My mom she does so much with such little $.
  • My mom, because she is always there 4 me no matter what.  I can count on her 4 almost anything.
  • Don’t have one.
  • My dad because he shows perseverence and never gave up in life and now is very successfull
  • Austin Carlile.  He is my favorite vocalist and he achieved his success from never giving up.
  • My dad because he takes care of all his family.
  • My dad because he is always there for me and my family.
  • My mom b/c she has to deal with a lot everyday and still has time for family.
  • My grandma.  She will help out everyone and anyone without wanting anything in return.  Nothing ever makes her lose faith and she has unconditional love.
  • I havent really found someone that I can completely idolize
  • My dad because he is successful and has a great life.
  • My mom b/c she always encourages me to do better
  • sister = best friend!
  • I don’t really have a specific hero.  I think all the people who have helped me become the person I am today are my heros
  • My parents are my heroes because I always look up to them, they give me great advise, they teach me to make right choices and things that’ll happen later in my life.
  • I’ve always looked up to my parents.
  • My family they’re all people who I can look up to & made certain I grew up in a healthy home.
  • My hero is the head of the Stevens Point Environmental Science Biology Ecology .  She has done so much with the wildlife around Wisconsin and I want to be like her.
  • My hero is my dad because everything he has  done reflects who he is and it imprints on me for my future.
  • My parents are my heros they encourage me to do my best.
  • My hero is my mom cause she raised me and got me to where I am today.
  • My parents, have taught me so much.
  • My hero is my grandfther because he passed away and always proved to never give up on goals you have set.
  • My mom because she helps me.
  • My dad is my hero he is a good hard working man
  • My parents the guided through my childhood while helping me along the way
  • I don’t have a hero
  • Clint Eastwood, hes a cool guy
  • Multiple members of my family are my heroes.  They are all honorable people.
  • My mother because she is always giving and helping others she always thinks of others first.
  • My little sister.  she keeps me motivated each day even when I feel like doing nothing.
  • I don’t really have a hero no one has individually saved/helped me personally enough to be my hero
  • My mom, she overcame breast cancer when I was young and she never complaines
  • My mom because she came to the U.S. with just a bag of clothes and now we’re very fortunate.
  • My parents.  They have helped me through a lot of things & they taught me to push myself to do the best that I can.
  • My dad because he works a lot to support us.
  • Leonardo Di Caprio.  He is simply fantastic in everything that he does and I would like to make big accomplishments like he did.
  • My grandfather, he enlisted in World War II and then had the courage to serve in Korea when his country needed him.
  • My grandma, shes always there for me and helps me out a lot.
  • I don’t Have one
  • My dad is my hero because he triumphs through hardships and is one of the most determined people I will ever know.
  • My Nana.  She is hardworking & always positive no matter what.
  • My hero is my mom and dad because we came from Serbia when I was four years old and moved to the U.S. and they have started from nothing and got us everything.
  • Michael Phelps.  He has demonstrated a lot of skills & dedication to what he does that I admire.
  • Michael Jordan b/c he didn’t make the team in school but became the best.
  • I am my own hero, just because I don’t really have heroes and I love myself.  I think heroes aren’t necessary.
  • My father — supports whole family & mom — takes care of 4 kids all at once.
  • My hero is my brother Anthony because he always cheers me up.

    2 Responses to It is that time of the year … Who is your hero?

    1. Alan P says:

      Man, this is a long list. I liked it better when you filtered it. There’s just too much to read.

      Interesting, though, the nature of the responses. It seems like there are those whose families are their heroes, those who have popular role models that are their heroes, and those that think someone is their hero because they are “cool” (e.g. Leo). Wonder how that’s distributed throughout the sophomores/seniors.

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