Southsiders now welcome at the Billy Goat

The famous Billy Goat Tavern is a notable tourist attraction and hangout for what few Cubs fans tolerate attending Cubs games surrounded by curiosity seekers, people who need to be seen, and celebrities who think that attending Cubs games will be a boost to their career. It is, of course, the Billy Goat’s owner, Bill Sianis, who in his attempt to enter a ball game at the ivied confines with his pet billy goat, brought down the curse on this team that remains safely in place today.

Given that true Cubs fans are getting harder to find, and that there has not only been an increase in Sox fans since the 2005 World Series championship (never get sick of that), but the fact that they appear to be more geographically diverse (you can see Sox stuff all over the place … Cubs stuff is confined to the north side and a few pockets on the west side). The Billy Goat has a new promotion to bring in Sox fans to their “Cubs only” hangout.

When Cubs fans buy a gift card … they will lift the curse … Sox fans buy one, and they’ll be sure to keep it on.

The fact that anything resembling a warm invitation to Sout’ Siders would appear at the ‘Goat tells me that the times are a changing.


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