Movie Review: Predators

If you haven’t seen the movie, and plan on seeing it, and don’t want Arnold Schwarzenegger’s surprise cameo revealed (kidding!!), stop and go read one of my rants on education.

Man, has 2010 been a dog year for films. I saw Iron Man 2 … wasn’t bad/wasn’t awesome …. saw Clash of the Titans … ick! … and the only other film that tugged at me to go see it was Splice, and I didn’t even get that motivated to go see that. I need to go check out what IS coming out to see if the summer movie season can be salvaged at all.

Oh yes, Predators …. solid film.

The opening is memorable enough …. a man falling through the air, hurtling toward Earth, and the parachute doesn’t seem to be opening.

The film does a good job of getting straight to the point. As you may have gotten from trailers, there is a group of the meanest fighters the Earth has to offer stranded on an alien world (former American special forces, Israeli Defense Force, Yakuza bodyguard, Russian Spetznatz, Tijuana drug gang enforcer, Sierra Leone death squad member …. and then there is Topher Grace playing a doctor … not sure why “Tijuana drug gang enforcer” is there … I personally would have gone with like British Para, Bulgarian weightlifter … maybe even Al-Queda … but I wasn’t asked so that’s the group). Needless to say, they quickly find out this world is a game preserve for some kind of uhhh ….. predacious alien life form, and that they have been gathered to be the prey in a hunt.

The film then deals with the group forming up as a team and finding a way to fight back … before it is over, they get some unanticipated help, and learns that one of them knows something about these so called “predators”.

Without getting into too much detail, the predators have been updated a little … they are more ferocious looking, and are deadlier than in the other films.

My biggest problem with the film is that the main star, former special forces, is played by Adrian Brody. Brody was acceptable as the writer in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, but then again, he was playing a writer stuck in a few action scenes. I could not buy Brody as a special forces soldier at all … especially when he is standing next to Danny Trejo and Laurence Fishburne (who hold masters degrees in badassery) … heck Alice Braga who played the IDF sniper was far more menacing. When he finally is bare chested and covered in mud (and we all know why being covered in mud is a good thing in this film … because thin layers of mud completely block infrared waves), it is hard not to laugh.

Brody aside, it is a good film, and even waxes a little philosophical as Braga and Brody debate the role of soldiers … especially ones like them who are specifically trained to hunt other people, and how that compares to what the aliens do.

The credits close to some music that is a nod to the first film. Overall, it was not a waste of time to see this, and it made for a pleasant evening.

There’s a lot of bad language (as you can guess given the characters), some blood and gore and I think at one point someone’s spinal column and skull gets ripped from their body … thus I think the youngins and sensitive viewers should sit this one out.


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