France go Bragh!

The United States over the last few decades has managed to piss off a lot of nations. The only nation even in the same league of the US in this regard is France. I mean, deGaulle once managed to piss off the CANADIANS!! Short of calling for Quebec’s independence or blowing up the solar system, it takes special skill to piss off Canadians.

On the other hand, it takes little to piss off the Irish …. being of Irish descent, I am aware of this. The French managed to do this when some football referee, blocked from seeing some Frenchman carry a football and throw it in the goal, allowed some handball that let France go to the World Cup and kept the Irish home.

The end result:

Everyone loves the Irish (except the English). Always the life of the party.

The French just completely screwed le pooch (as they say in France). Their coach, who apparently designs lineups around astrological predictions pissed off his team, they acted pretty typical of urban French going on strike every time something “bad” happens, and managed to not win one single game.

To the rescue, that venerable American institution: Pizza Hut!,249328

Apparently the Irish Pizza Huts are going to have to pay out big, as they pay off their offer of free pizzas for every goal scored against Le Frogs. that total was 4 goals in three games (vs. only one goal scored in three games).

The Irish have something to wash down the beer. The French go home in shame.

The world continues to spin, and life goes on.


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