I hope the engineers didn’t do this …


The recent trend in the deterioration of politics in the United States is seen in two candidates who won their recent Democratic primaries.

One is apparently easy to understand. Alvin Greene won the Democratic primary for the US Senate seat in South Carolina. Given that he has spent less than $12,000 on his campaign, doesn’t have much of a platform, and that he has no political background, and that there is an apparent odor that Mr. Greene is one in a long line of African-American candidates who are financed by the local GOP to scare the local white population into voting Republican. That is currently being investigated, but apparently this fits a long standing piece of South Carolina politics.

Kesha Rogers is a little different.

Rogers won the Democratic primary to represent the 22nd Congressional district in Texas. This was no small win: she carried 53% of the vote in a three candidate race, one of whom was a systems analyst who got the full support of the Democratic Party. This district includes the Johnson Space Center and a number of aerospace companies, and of course their employees who are concerned about recent cuts in the space program. Not surprising, Rogers had as a major plank in her campaign support for colonization of Mars. Unlike Greene who spent virtually no money and made no appearances, Rogers ran a high profile campaign, working the streets and pressing the flesh.

That was not her only plank.

Her other major plank is a call for the impeachment of Barrack Obama as a “mouthpiece of London and Wall Street”. No, she is definitively not a plant by the Tea Party or GOP ….. she is however a member in good standing with the Lyndon LaRouche Youth Movement, which among other things seeks a rollback to the economic policies of FDR and the re-establishment of an education system based strictly on classical education.

Nedless to say, the National and Texas Democratic parties have put this candidate at an arms length, and have refused support of all kinds.

This is hardly the first time a LaRouche supporter threw a wrench into an election. In 1982, Adlai Stevenson III lost a very narrow election for governor (less than 0.2%) to incumbent Jim Thompson. When Stevenson ran again in 1986 there was a sense he would win this time … the only problem was that while he won the Democratic primary for governor, the winners of the Democratic primaries for Lieutenant governor and Secretary of State were both Lyndon LaRouche supporters. Stevenson immediately renounced his candidacy and formed a new party and ran his own slate of candidates (all supported by the Illinois and National Democratic Party). As you can guess, the third party did not work, and Thompson won again. However, in all fairness, in 1986, word that the two candidates were LaRouche supporters did not come out until after the primaries.

In the case of the Texas race, Rogers’ connections to LaRouche were all over the local media.

The article seems to imply that the local engineering community had a hand in this woman winning the election. I do hope this is not the case.


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