Thou shalt not steal … and other commandments that Tea Partiers can ignore

To restate: I am apolitical, but think of myself as a bit old school …I don’t count agitators as heroes, but neither do I consider businessmen as heroes either. In short, I feel no one really represents me politically, and feel pretty abandoned by our current system of politics.

For those not in the know, this whole Tea Bagging thing has gotten out of hand … I am not for extremists left or right wing …. heck I think most of the lot of politicians could take a long swim in the Gulf of Mexico, but in Maine, things are getting surreal.

It seems this past week the Maine GOP came together to vote on a new platform. Among the planks:

-Global Warming is a myth (while exact causation is not entirely understood, the rising temperatures are not mythology)
-a part which reads It is immoral to steal property rightfully earned by one person, and give it to another who has no claim or right to its benefits. (I guess this is somehow related to all socialist policies except social security because so many of the over 60 crowd that these yahoos cater to don’t see social security as anything related to socialism, despite actually having the word “social” in the name …. I call this the hypocrisy of these nuts, but I digress).

There are other kookie things.

It turns out that members of the Maine GOP met at a local middle school, and one particularly ornery group found themselves in a social studies class, which, admittedly, sounds like it belonged to someone who is a little left of center, and wasn’t necessarily filtering all of that. Among the things in the classroom:

-a collage extorting labor rights, including a quote by Eugene Debs, entitled “The War Has Begun”.
– a poster featuring George W. Bush and the quote “I feel like I can see evil”
-several copies of the U.S. Constitution, distributed by the ACLU
– a sticker on a filing cabinet: “People for the American Way – Fight the Right.”

When the teacher returned this past Monday, he found that the labor poster was gone and replaced by a red-white-and-blue bumper sticker reading “Working People Vote Republican”.

Said teacher starts sending e-mails to local Republicans asking for information on his missing poster. No luck

His principal, on the other hand got an earful from GOP members phoning in to complain about the particular classroom. When the principal attacked the idea that someone would steal something, a particular caller praised the thief, saying that it should have been stolen.

As a teacher, you always need to be a bit careful to filter your particular views to avoid either proclaiming them as the only correct interpretation of a view point, and you certainly have to make sure that if you are presenting contemporary political views (common in social studies classes), you be careful to present something of a balanced view …. strengths and weaknesses of particular philosophies. This teacher may not have been doing so.

That aside, the asinine behavior being portrayed by some relatively high up members of the Maine GOP are not worthy of a party that claims to stand up for anything remotely related to family values.


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