Some dance related items …

I’ll let you reach your own conclusions regarding how good/bad my mc’ing was … despite predictions of eminent disaster, the kids really seemed to like it. The link to the “highlights” (which I have never seen):

On a side note, out school was one of four in the nation chosen to be visited by student representatives of MIT for a presentation on women in the sciences/engineering. I had a few students attend, and while they didn’t feel they got a lot out of it, one (a basketball player) did account an amusing anecdote.

At one point towards the end of the Q & A, someone asked about sports at MIT. One of student reps said that she didn’t know too much about sports at the school except for the ballroom dance team. My student said that there was some laughing as “ballroom dance is not a sport”.

Needless to say, I set her straight with tales of my friends in Seattle, and the value that can come from engaging in ballroom dance.

edit: I neglected to mention, but the students did vote to have the teams of Sinclair/Young and Shi/Arguello dance off for the championship some time in the spring. It was a tough call, but these two pairs deserved it.


3 Responses to Some dance related items …

  1. A. Pilch says:

    Oh, man! Shi and Arguello were awesome! They really classed-up the event!

    Deger and Graney looked unpracticed, and I couldn’t even watch the whole video. But they looked like they were having fun.

    Amy and Harley were fun, but clearly didn’t take it as seriously as the rest of the contestants. And they were dancing the Cotton-eyed Joe during YMCA? What was up with that?

    Sinclair clearly has a ton of talent, which stood in strong contrast to Young’s lack of it. The team clearly recognized this disparity, and capitalized on Sinclair’s strength while using Young as eye candy.

    When I saw Walls and Claypool approach the dance floor, I expected a rendition of Puttin’ on the Ritz. This classy duo was clearly prepared – they danced with almost flawless grace and coordination. What an example for the other teams!

    The M/Cing was great, but would have liked to see the physics lecture at the end…

  2. teganx7 says:

    Just some background:

    Deger/Graney: Jackie is a former student, and is a dance instructor. She is also our dance team coach. However, they only had two weeks to practice.

    Amy is a current student, and a cheerleader (so no stranger to dancing). The problem was that the guy in the Harley costume could not move much, so they were very limited in terms of what they could do.

    Jackie Sinclair has a ton of experience in dance, and teaches the dance classes for the PE department. In terms of experience, she was clearly the best one out there.

    Believe it or not, the Walls/Claypool pair had limited practice as the principal has been very busy the last two weeks with the problems related to lay offs and such. However, I agree that the two of them looked exceptionally classy.

    Don Jose Arguello is an accomplished dancer, especially in Spanish/South American styles. The two of them did a great job.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I loved Walls/Claypool – sorry they didn’t make it to the final. Arguello is also a very good dancer – Shi needs to work on her following a bit.

    You’ll have to post again when the finals come around!

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