Mid-Year Student Surveys

I teach two classes of lower level sophomores in semester course. Since the new semester just started, I now have two new classes of students in those classes, and they just filled out my survey. As always, the answers are preserved in all of their wordings.

Favorite Film
Two: Jaws and Pirates of the Caribbean

The Hangover

Slap shot


Titanic (damn you James Cameron!)

The Hurt Locker

Saving Private Ryan

Talledega Nights

The Dark Knight


Star Trek (new one), Frost/Nixon, Rear Window, Strangers on a Train (not the typical HS faire!)


Moulin Rouge

Pulp Fiction

Casino Royale

A Walk to Remember

Catch Me If You Can


The trend on “favorite movies” has generally been picking something very recent. The last two years or so has seen a move away from that as more students name older films.

What are some big moments in your life?

going on a cruise to Alaska

I climed 80 flight of stairs in 20 min.

Graduating Greek school

my brother and mother dying in a car crash

my parents divorce

discovering Quentin Tarantino movies and watching the The Dark Knight and Watchmen.

my best friend dying

flying to Alaska by myself to visit my aunt

anytime I visit my cousins in Bolivia

catching my first fish

Nationals for cheerleading

moving to a new house and my grandpa dying four years ago

playing soccer and representing my country Ecuador

getting a puppy

hitting a home run with two outs in the bottom of the last inning to tie the game

my dad surviving cancer

when I came here four years ago from Romania

being born three months early

when I saved a friend from drowning in a swimming pool

I have always moved from different places because my dad is a diplomat

parents divorce, my dog dying, sister leaving for college 4 friends dying

going to China

Where have you traveled, and what did you learn?

China, London, Ireland, Caribbean; I learned about differnet cultures, food, history (especially the food)

I’ve gone on 2 cruises to the Caribbean and I learned not to trust anyone you first meet.

Serbia, France, Canada

Mexico, I have a house there and I learn to stay close to my family

Romania, I was born there

I traveled almost everywhere in the US. Everyones almost the same.

Philadelphia, and that every moment you should enjoy life.

Poland, Canada, and a few states here and there.

I was born in Portugal, but I am Brazilian. I have lived in Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Italy, and here.

Florida, bahamas, Wisconsin, California, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan I learned every place is different and amzing, you just have to give it a chance.

China, I went there for Chinese class. I learned culture and many things. It was great.

I traveled to New Mexico I learned how to suvive in the desert.

Las Vegas (5 times), California, Canada, Alaska, Florida, Arizona, Wisconsin

Florida and Mexico. In Mexico, I learned how to make real Mexican food.

Washington State. Seattle. I love nature + I go there all the time go hiking, etc. Best place ever (my note: I’m not sure its the best place EVER)

Paris, Spain, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Aruba, Greece

Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio)

Mexico, don’t drink the sink water

Texas, it snows in Texas

I went to Bolivia, Arizona, Washington DC, and California, I learned lots of things are done differently in different places.


Palm Beach, New York, love the Yankees (my note: poor kid doesn’t know he already has failed the class)

I have traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, and Poland

Ecuador, I learn that there is no better country than the one you were born.


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