oil : water :: I : this performing art form

Arts, performing or otherwise, require some base talent. That talent can be developed, and depending on the amount of base talent, and ho hard you work, you can develop that talent into something that is truly great. It is true that everyone can draw, but not everyone can create a true work of art.

When it comes to dance … I cannot even draw. Don’t get me wrong, I have deep respect for those who have a talent for this … I look at ballet dancers and dancers who perform in other venues, but it is something that I am purely incapable of doing … I have tried, and I find it extremely uncomfortable to the point where I find it very difficult to even move. I’ve had people tell me “but you were in marching band, dancing is the same thing”. It is not.

Thus I am left scratching my head in my latest “I can’t say no” to my school superiors ….

At the end of the month, for our winter assembly, the school will be putting on “Dancing With the Faculty” (something based on a TV show where people dance with celebrities). I got called in and asked if I was aware of this. Before they continued I told them that there is no way on Earth I can dance. Fortunately, this is not what I was being taped for, since the dancers have already been arranged and are in training. Rather, I am being asked to be one half of the mc’ing corps (with a TBD woman). So, I have been assigned to watch the TV show, and to go out and get a tuxedo.

Part of this job involves developing interview questions to pre-interview the couples so that these can be played on the closed circuit HDTV network at the school.

So, I need to get educated on dance … I really wish Seattle were a few thousand miles closer so I could more readily consult the experts.


2 Responses to oil : water :: I : this performing art form

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Are the couples taking lessons together, or are the students expected to teach the faculty to dance, or what? Is it ballroom dancing like the show?

    The good news is that you cannot possibly be worse than the female half of the MC team on the show – on the other hand, Tom Bergeron is probably an impossibly high bar to try to meet for the male half.

    Give us a call at some point and we’ll try to help you out.

    • teganx7 says:

      I think they picked faculty members with at least some background in dancing (I have no idea to what extent). They are spending some time practicing, and apparently I will need to conduct some interviews a week or so in advance … those too will be broadcast on the closed circuit HDTV network.

      I have a meeting tomorrow … I hope to learn more.

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