Brother (?) update

My brother was visited by his three closest friends today. They all tried to talk some sense into him … one said that if it weren’t for the fact that they had been friends for 20 years, he would have kicked his ass (compared to my friends who would not let 25 years of friendship stand in the way of beatings … should I ever reach this level of stupidity). It did not work.

He did briefly meet with my sister-in-law to have his name removed from the bank accounts. He has also agreed to meet with my parents, provided that my sister and I are not present. Apparently, he suspects that my mom and dad’s maternal/paternal instincts may stay their hand …. Pepper and I have no such instincts and would not hesitate to administer skull splitting, liver pureéing beatings. My brother is retaining a little of his intelligence.

At this point, I suspect he has made up his mind, and I suspect that after Thursday, he will be officially disowned from the family, and persona non grata.

I think that I have grown into a fairly tolerant person, but I am having a hard time thinking that I would not join my parents in dropping him from the family.


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