Throw this on, on top of everything else …

As just about all of you know, 2009 has not been a banner year for the family …. dad’s drinking was one issue …. then the refusal of my brother and sister to talk to him became another issue …. my father finally telling my brother to “F$@$! off” after trying to engage him in conversation via e-mail was another.

2010 was looking to be better by default.

That hope lasted 1.8 days.

Last night I got a call from my sister. My brother is separating from his wife of four years. Reason: my brother has been carrying on an affair with another woman for the better part of the last year … dating to a point just after his wife was pregnant for the second time.

My sweet and loving sister-in-law has been suspicious for some time, but my brother denied everything until she could confront him with credit card charges and other such things that proved something was happening. My brother came clean, and earlier today devastated my mother with the news. After all mom has been through, this is the last bit of news that she needed. Needless to say, my sister and my parents are all 100% behind his wife and the kids.

I talked to my sister-in-law briefly today, and all she could say is that she is very concerned about him, and thinks things can be worked out. I would like to work out on my brother … preferably with a war hammer or something in the meat cleaver family. They had just moved into a beautiful home …. two beautiful healthy kids … and a wife with a heart of gold … almost certainly flushed away.

Needless to say my feelings of anger directed toward my brother are rather extreme right now … he has not called me, which proves that he knows enough of what I would say to him. Given what I went through in my life, I am identifying with his two kids right now, especially my little goddaughter who is the same age I was when my parents went through a divorce.

I am filing this under “friends and family” because I don’t have a category called “friends, family, and rat bastard scumbag homewreckers”. I will endeavor to work on that.


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