Walk again down memory lane …

This will ramble …. just go with it.

While I did not have time for the full tour, I did get to look a bit at my alma mater while driving and walking around relative to the football game.

1. The one dorm I stayed in looks as forboding as ever. Except for the bars, guards, soddomy, and about 20 square feet smaller in room area, it could have been a prison.

2. The one apartment I lived in looks as run down as ever … just 16 years older, and now surrounded by even more buildings which makes it look even smaller.

3. The really cool apartment that Tom N used to live in over one summer (it had a pool table, how could it not be cool!) looks run down.

4. The student union now offers massages to run down students. Poor stressed out kids. They have no idea. I guess neither did we. The bowling alley is out, and so is the microcomputer center. There is a Jamba Juice on the main floor. In some ways, things have not improved.

5. Altgeld Hall … still as gothic looking as ever.

6. The dorms near the football stadium provide really great echoes of the stadium’s public address system. I could hear announcements crystal clear walking between those dorms and the stadium.

7. People are friendly, if not amazingly slow!

8. When checking into the hotel at the Union, I was worried that the parking cops would tow my car. The hotel manager told me not to worry, that no police were patrolling parking today. He then handed me my parking pass … if the police weren’t patrolling, then why do I need a parking pass? I couldn’t shake that one for a while.

9. Number of times Marist students, in age old tradition, chanted “bullshit” after they thought the refs blew a call: 2

10. Number of personal fouls: 7

11. Number of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties: 1

12. Number of yards the Maine South running back ran for: 316

13. Number of TD’s same player ran for: 5

14. Last time a “big” school in Illinois had two consecutive undefeated state championships: 1985.

I took a stroll past FAR which is where Tom N. lived for a few years … it really was far! PAR next door is where Beth lived for a year before jumping ship for IceU.

It just looked weird not seeing all of the video games around anymore … is this what older people think when they go somewhere and say “I could have sworn there used to be a disco ball hanging there …”

I was walking through the halls of the union looking at the beautiful portraits of the distinguished alumni, and while I was admiring them, I was thinking “If I had chosen the major that half of these folks did, I to could have had a GPA as inflated as theirs … I bet half of them never had grades as good as me, not that mine were the best. Kind of makes me wish I could try it again.” Then I saw Jack Kilby’s portrait, and just kept moving.


3 Responses to Walk again down memory lane …

  1. RJDS says:

    congrats to Maine South on their big 8A victory. Let me know if you need a copy of the game footage, which I haven’t reviewed yet.

    I have not been back to the State in almost 10 years (the stop for gas on a rainy Easter Sunday 2006 does not count), and I will probably have similar feelings like you did if I were to do a similar memory lane tour of Normaltown.

  2. teganx7 says:

    If you have a copy of that game, I would love it !

  3. Beth says:

    Thanks for the always witty and insightful commentary.
    I will have to ask Brian who Jack Kilby is….

    Brian and I were both in PAR for 2 years (not just one). He then moved to an apartment on 2nd and Clark–he says it looks pretty bad now as well.

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