The annual student survey

There are not many things I do today that I did in my first year of teaching, but one thing that has remained an annual tradition is my student survey. It is hardly unique, as many teachers use one, but I like to anonymously provide results to some of the questions.

As always, they are presented as I got them. I tend to select the more unique answers.

Who is your hero, and why is that person your hero?
The most popular answers to this question have never changed: mom, dad, or some other relative. The next most popular answer has also never changed (sadly): none.

*My cusin, He made it threw collage, has a great job, and a awesome girl. He has a great life.
*Ellen Degenerous because even though she is a lesbian and a lot of people didn’t like that she still got married to a woman.
*My mother because she is a strong, Independent, friendly and a fighting woman.
*My Mom because she came to America with nothing and now is known in the Polish community.
*My sister. Even though she is REALLY mean to me sometimes, she shows me the right way to go, she is very smart and is my Ro-model.
*My cousin because he was an amazing person and we were close when he passed away at the age of 24 from leukimia.
*My grandma is my hero because she was widowed at only 30 and still raised her 7 kids by herself. She’s taken care of me ever since I was little.
*My heros are the policemen. The risk theur lives to protect people.
*I honestly don’t have a hero. I thought I did but they let me down.

What activities do you participate in or what job do you currently work at?
*As a member of the varsity cheerleading squad, I am helping to form a special ed cheerleading squad to cheer at the football games this year.
*I work as an autopsy assistant at the county coroner’s office. (I called, and sure enough, that is what this young lady does).

What have been some big moments in your life?
*When my nephew was born.
*Adopting my sister.
*Earning my black belt.
*My dad passing away when I was 4.
*When I first got on pointe (able to stand on the tips of my toes in ballet)
*When I became a Christian.
*When my siblings were born and when my dad passed away this summer.
*My brothers graduation from officer training camp for the marines and when one of my best friends died.

Favorite movie?
The most popular answer this year were “The Notebook”, “Hangover”, and “Twilight”.
Invariably, this is always some movie that came out this last summer or two … but occasionally you get something older:
*Good Will Hunting
*Saving Private Ryan
*American Psycho
*The Nightmare Before Christmas (this one almost always comes up about once a year no matter how old …. there just seem to be certain kids that really like this film!
*The Karate Kid
*The Manchurian Candidate
*Fight Club
*A League of their own
*The Patriot
*Anything by Tarentino
*Ferris Buellers Day Off (again, it always comes up once, but very few years go by when it isn’t mentioned)
*Field of Dreams
*Dazed and Confused
*The Goonies

What are the most important qualities of a good teacher?
*They got to be chill
*treats all students fairly
*just be cool with me and I’ll show respect forever.
*Not to get mad and punish because of small things
*Good at explaining
*Has fun while teaching
*to give help when you need it
*doesn’t give a lot of homework
*can teach
*someone who listens and understands
*laid back
*not super paranoid
*understanding about problems that interfer homework
*talks about stuff other than just the subject.
*understanding teenage students and how to communicate with them.
*not boring
*they need to be exciting!
*good public speaker
*relates to students
*talk slowly and review thuroughly before tests and quizzes
*teachers that actually TEACH and don’t just give you huge packets and expect you to figure out the material on your own.
*ALWAYS available for help
*ability to adapt
*not super serious
*takes their job seriously
*doesn’t take their job too seriously (honestly, turned in consecutively from three students in different parts of the room!)
*likes their topic
*most of all, to give lots of extra credit

What talents do you have?
*I can fly (with my pilot’s license)
*annoying teachers
*making people feel awkward
*I can speak 4 languages
*I am extremely organized


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  1. Alan P says:

    It’s always fun to read these, Tom! But sometimes I wonder if you’re at Hillcrest…

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