Cool Nickname (8/17/09): The Watersmeet Township Nimrods


School:  Watersmeet Township High School

Town:  Watersmeet, Michigan

Colors: Blue & gold

Don’t Believe it?:

The school (for good reason, perhaps) dedicates an entire page to the proud history of the Nimrods.  Biblically, Nimrod was a great hunter and leader (the site explains.  So, on the one hand, there is some logic to this.  The site goes on to list two definitions of the word “Nimrod”, one the biblical allusion, and the other descended from that to be a generic word for hunter, which in Michigan I guess works …. lots of hunting in the woods of Michigan.

BUT ….

If you know you have a name that (in the current usage) is a little off kilter, and you need to explain to folks why this is such a great idea, there should be a little alarm going off explaining that you might have done better to just call your teams the “Hunters” and get it over with.

A little research seems to explain the discrepancy.  The school chose the name in 1904, but the prevailing use of the term to refer to an idiot didn’t come about until at least the 1930s or later.

Nonetheless, I guess a community has to have a lot of chutzpah to stick with this name after the change in meaning.  A salute to a community with some guts to stand up to a lot of jokes from the opposing sidelines.


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