The Hunt for Beer Thrower

I will open by saying that I thought it was very classy for the Cubs management to immediately (like before a half inning had passed) to personally call the Phillies and apologize profusely for the idiot in the stands.

I will also open that there is no proof that the culprit is in fact a Cubs fan, as anyone in the know will tell you that a large percentage of the people who are in the stands at any given Cubs game are tourists, curiosity seekers, and any number of people who are there to be seen, and in fact don’t even know that a baseball game is going on.

Having said that …. here is more proof of a culture that exists at Wrigley Field that is anti-baseball and all about the fans.

Don’t get me wrong, any good team will do things for the fans:  everything from building a World Series contender (THANK YOU Msrs Reinsdorf and Williams) to special promotional giveaways.  HOWEVER, when the fans are allowed/encouraged to be the center of attention, the baseball team takes a back seat.

I will paint with a broad brush and say that this started with the most dreadful of Wrigley traditions:  throwing back home run balls.  This is an absolute affront to all that is baseball, and should never have been tolerated.  It is simple:  if you throw something on the field, you get beaten with a crowbar until you arrive at the squad car to take you to the police station.  I see nothing more simple than that (BTW …. provides excellent entertainment for the others in the crowd).  Of course at Wrigley, you enter onto a slippery slope …. it is OK to throw somethings on the field.  That may not seem like much of a slippery slope, but imagine what a person who had three bears at the Cubby Bear prior to game time, and four more in the stands is thinking.  That’s right!  They aren’t thinking.  In other words it creates a culture where the fans are getting to directly involved with happenings on the field.

If the Cubs are truly sorry and serious about making sure that repeat offenses never happen again … they will make sure that any fan throwing anything on the field gets several free crowbar whacks to the skull on their way out of the Friendly Confines for the last time.  And any Cubs fans who are true baseball fans will demand and embrace this.  (BTW …. unlike last night, hopefully the bouncers in the bleachers will actually eject the right fan, which is why the scumbag got away with it … I wonder if the Cub fans out there were adamant in pointing out the right guy to security, or if the guy realized he was given a break and took off immediately.

If Cubs fans worry that this will give them a black eye, perform the following experiment:  Got to google and search “Reasons to hate >blank<”

Fill in “White Sox” … you get 971,000 hits (some are likely not about hating hte White Sox, but …)

Fill in “Cubs” … 1.65 million hits.  And remember that demographically, fewer White Sox fans can likely afford a computer …. so its not all mindless regional hatred.  I am giving friendly advice to those who drink the red and blue kool aid …. things need to change around 1060 W. Addison, on and off the field, in order for some respect to start flowing toward the franchise.

Now I’m off to figure out how my Sox lost when Buehrle pitched an 8 inning gem last night.

edit:  The scumbag has turned himself in, and has apologized for embarrassing the Cubs.  Classy move on his part because embarrassment is completely unknown to the Chicago Cubs.


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