Cool Nickname (8/10/09): The Gila Bend Gila Monsters

Gila Bend Gila Monsters

Gila Bend Gila Monsters

OK, the logo is not very threatening, and might better resemble a cartoon version of Larry the Lounge Lizard (with red shorts in place of a white suit) but consider this:  its hard to be more intimidating than a venomous lizard (especially being the only one that is endemic to the United States), and I’m a bit shocked that more schools didn’t try and adopt this over-sensationalized but very cool reptile for their own.  I mean, it does have the word “monster” in it … that right there has to count for something.  Yet, Gila Bend High School is apparently the only high school in America to name its teams for the feared (if lathergic) predator.

Kudos to Gila Bend for its sense of originality.


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