Summer Vacation: Phase II

This weekend I am wrapping up my summer vacaion(s) with a trip out to Ohio to visit Al, Arlis, and (not so) little (anymore) Annalise.

The drive to Ohio was not as impressive as my trip out West (I guess if you’ve driven through Gary, IN once, there’s not much more to ever report on it again).

Al and Arlis live in a beautiful home in a beautiful old town that is a little closer to Akron, but might as well also be considered a suburb of Cleveland (which alwasy reminds me of the Yakov Smirnov joke: “Every country has a city that they always make fun of. In America, you make fun of Cleveland. In Soviet Russia, we make fun of Cleveland.” … but I digress.

Not so little Analise is 14 months old, and very much what I consider to be a “happy baby”. She smiles profusely, and will even let me pick her up (this is extremely rare with young kids). She will cry from time to time, but it is rare. She is already using sign language to communicate, and I wonder if (based on previous observation) that helps reduce anxiety.  Did I mention she is cuter than cute!

Unlike Seattle, where I had to deal with one social and one ant-social cat, I have one very frisky and one older dog here. They are fun to play with, and will fetch thnigs when tossed.

I will be heading home tomorrow (hard to believe it is a “one day trip” after the multiple days of traveling out West … this was a walk in the park of about 6.5 hours!)


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