High Speed Rail: Hopefully for real


After a decade plus of false starts and maybes, it looks like there is another attempt to get high speed rail off the ground and moving.

With the anticipated loss of petroleum in the coming century, the one thing that we will see is a major change in transportation;  a move that will disproportinately affect larger geographic nations (US, Canada, Russia, China, India, Brazil), because it will hit hardest in air travel and automobiles.  While we have slowly made progress on electric automobiles, air travel does not appear to have any realistic or cheap alternatives.  Certainly, it is a possibility that in the 2100s, air travel will be something that is read about, or reserved for government/military/emergency use only.

Especially in larger countries, high speed rail has been discussed as the only reliable way to begin replacing air travel, based on current proven technology.  Of course, with air travel still relatively cheap, there is no incentive to move on this.  Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction regarding sane planning for the future.  True, this plan only covers a few midwestern states, but will hopefully branch out from there.


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