This will reopen the lunar conspiracy theories

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch, and in three days (July 20) will be the anniversary of man’s first steps on the moon.  Singularly, our species ultimate achievement (the wheel, fire, and the curveball, excepted).

Not in time for the anniversary, but some time in the next month or so, some folks associated with the film industry will be cleaning up the grainy footage that captivated well over a billion people 40 years ago.  As one story descibed it: the footage will now be better than what people actually saw on their TVs in 1969.

There was one problem:  believe it or not, NASA actually seems to have lost all of the original footage from the moon landing.  Fortunately, there were duplicates kept all over the world they were able to find for the project.

Some of the restoration is done:

There are other snippets available on youtube.  Undoubtedly, the hacks trying to make a buck by selling people books and videos of the “faked moon landing” will have a field day with the lack of original NASA footage and the fact that “Hollywood is just cleaning up their best work”.

Still, it is ridiculous that this great event does not get its due in history.


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