The Cubs are (maybe) Bankrupt

The Chicago Cubs are exploring filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to hasten their $900 million sale, which according to a few people is not only a vast overpayment for the club and its associated holdings, but may lead the new owners to require financial restructuring of the team (read:  not signing any high priced free agents for a while, having a strictly limited ability to resign talent wanting more money).

The definition of “a while” according to the Chicago Tribune was about 30 years, so at this rate, the Chicago Cubs will likely be competitive again sometime around 2040.

I know, I know …. its not all likely to happen, but a South Sider can hope.

Hey Chicago, what do you say?

The Cubs are going broke today (sing it)

Broke Cubs Brooooke. Broke Cubs Brooooke.


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