Cats and mind control

In Pulp Fiction, Uma Thurman’s character, Mrs. Mia Wallace, insists the world can be broken up into two categories:  those who prefer The Beatles, and those who prefer Elvis.  I know that there are large segments of the modern world who have not heard of either, but I do suspect that large segments of the population can be divided into “dog” people and “cat” people.

Count me among the dog people.  There is something noble about the animal that can both survive on its own, or with a pack.  Hunter, protector, and loyal companion, that would willing give its life to save yours.  If your house caught on fire, and you asked a feline to save you, it would “go get help”.

Now, new research comes out that proves there’s a good reason to be cautious of these sneaky cats:  they do use some form of perverse mind control over owners … something I got to see a bit first hand last week.

It turns out that a certain meowing of hungry domestic cats mimics the sounds of a crying human infant … that is the frequencies of the mewing are similar to the sounds of infants.  The human brain is hardwired to respond to these sounds, and thus when a cat meows for its food, the owners are more or less biologically predisposed to give in to their tabby masters.

This rang a bell after spending a week among cats and the humans they own in Seattle.  My friends there are owned by a pair of felines.  At night, as feeding time approached, I noticed on more than one occasion that my friends noted an inability to tell the soft purring of their cat-masters from the muffled crying of their infant son, upstairs behind a closed door.  Reading this article brought back that memory.  Of course, one example is more than enough to confirm any scientific finding 😉

I suspect that H.G. Wells was a cat fancier … if he had been a dog fancier, the Martians in War of the Worlds would have been cat-like.  And now we have proof!


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