Something to look forward to on television next year …

When I was but a young teen, V was a great TV miniseries.  Forget the sequel (which wasn’t bad), and forget the series which followed.  The original miniseries was a really good examination about how powerfully evil movements (like Nazism) can easily grow in advanced societies that think they are immune to such things.  In addition to showing how seductive this evil can be, it also depicts (much like it was in France in World War II) that resistance movements generally draw from all strata of society … in other words, there is no one group that can claim to be the righteous … rather it is elements of all groups who come together to resist tyranny.  The original series depicted the resistance as being made up of journalists, scientists, street hustlers, doctors, mercenaries, religious, non-religious, rich, poor, and people of every ethnicity.

One of the highlights seems to be the casting of Morena Baccarin who you can see combines the exotic sultriness that she brought to the character Inara in the series Firefly, with the creepy authority that she brought to the character Adria in Stargate SG-1.

There was talk a few years ago of writing a continuation from the second miniseries (ignoring the brief series that followed), and even bringing back the same actors from the original series.  The next thing I heard was that it would be a strict remake of the original miniseries.

The look and feel given to this series (it will be a full blown series, not a miniseries like its predecessor) is very movie-like.  I look forward to seeing what twist is given this series over the original.


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