Days 5-9: Seattle

Whomever came up with the state nickname “The Evergreen State” never traveled through southeast and central Washington ….. it is as brown as Wyoming … as was northeastern Oregon.  There were only a few spots of evergreen trees … a bit disappointing.

It was cool, however, to come across part of Washington’s fruit country.  Washington is known the world over for its wonderful apples, but there is considerable grape and cherry growing as well.  I was a bit surprised to see the growing on the sides of mountains …. several small mountains had their bases and up to half the distance to the summit covered in groves of apple trees, cherry trees, or grape vines.  That was a cool.  I hope to get a chance to buy some fresh fruit on the way out.

I have been helping T & E move.  While only a short move (one town over), it was a huge undertaking!  Suffice to say, their old house was nice, but their new house is very nice!

It has been awesome to visit with their daughter again (who is far smarter than I was at her age), and to meet their thirteen month old son who is a riot of smils and laughs.

The weather has been quite good (sunny, not too hot, relatively low humidity).  My internal clock is way off because not only am I two hours behind Chicago, but at the more-northern latitude, the sun stays out even longer (it is 9:30 here now, but it is still twilight).  So my body is thinking “11:30”, but the brain is saying “The clock says 9:30, and the pineal gland is thinking more like 8:30”.  Oh well.

I will be starting home in the near future.


2 Responses to Days 5-9: Seattle

  1. Tom N. says:

    It was great having you out here, Tom! We appreciated all your help, and it was great seeing you having fun with the kids. Drive safely!

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