Grand Tour

I like to travel and like to do nothing more than stare at beautiful scenery (that usually gets me in trouble with women …. ba dum dum).

There are only three parts of the country I have not bee too:  the Maine-New Hampshire-Vermont area ….. Texas-Oklahoma-Kansas-Louisiana …… and Big Sky Country.  I have >>zero<< inclination to visit Texas, Louisiana, Kansas …. and no major impetus to visit Oklahoma.  With gas prices seeing their almost certainly last really cheap prices, I have decided that it is now or never (I should note I am not getting any younger).

So, tomorrow morning, I start off …. I will be in Lincoln, Nebraska tomorrow night, and in Denver the day after that.  I will be taking a day there to see relatives.  Then it is off to Idaho for a night, and finally up to Seattle to help friends move.

The route home will be shorter, but it will take me through Montana and South Dakota.

So, I will be out for a while … I once again will miss the once -every-four-years Godzillafest at the Pickwick in Park Ridge 😦 …. but oh well.  The mountains and forests beckon.


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