Dad update …

I briefly spoke to my dad while he was coming home from the VA hospital this afternoon.  I believe my mother is having him move out to a half-way house.

He asked if I knew anyone who ever used a cane, and that from now on I should call him by his first name, and no longer call him “dad” or “father”.

I am wondering if I should let him off easy and give in to him like that.


2 Responses to Dad update …

  1. Alan P. says:

    You shouldn’t let him off easily. You should tell him that you feel more comfortable calling him “dad”, and ask why it is so important for him that you call him instead by his first name. Then you can decide what to do.

    • teganx7 says:

      Well, considering that he feels the family has sold him out and really isn’t talking to anyone, that may be the case.

      He told mom on Thursday that his brother was the only one who ever stood by him. He called my uncle, and my uncle told him he needed help, and that he would fly down and help him find it, at which point my dad hung up on him.

      This was after Wednesday …. mom went and picked him up at the VA Hospital, and dropped him at a halfway house. That night she had to go pick him up at the police station …. he hadn’t been drinking, but he snuck out and was flagging down cars to borrow a cell phone so he could call mom.

      Not being a doctor, I’m not sure, but I suspect that there is some kind of brain damage that has occurred.

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