My acting debut …

This is a link to the video created for our new school mascot …. it was supposed to be shown at he assembly I MC’ed, but sadly technical issues prevented the last half from being shown.  The actual introduction at the end was edited in after the fact.

The idea was based on idea used at the University of Miami (Ohio) when they introduced their new mascot (coincidentally, also a hawk).  The video was 100% student made, and drew rave reviews from our students and staff.  I was asked to be a part of the video, so you see a little of my acting debut, in addition to a little of me near the end.

The “schtick” is that our old mascot is getting a little too old, and needs to be upgraded and made new again …. so he heads to class and and works out to get more trim, and re-emerges younger and better than ever.


One Response to My acting debut …

  1. Alan P says:

    Alright. That was just AWESOME!!!!!!

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