A new experience …

I’ve been teaching for a lot of years now …. and in many ways I have experienced a lot of things that other teachers have experienced, but today, I got something entirely new.

For many years, assembleys at our school were mostly run by students.  The problem was, they were generally poorly run.  The other students really didn’t like them.  So, a group of interested staff (I not being one of them) took it upon themselves to start changing these things to make them more fun for more students.  Some things have worked, and some have not.  Personally, I think that a lot more students today are just apathetic towards school as a community (or communities in general).

About two weeks ago “the committee” approached me with the need for help.  They decided that rather than having a student MC the assembley, the time had come to let a teacher try it, and that since I announced football games, that I would be good for this job.  I said yes.  I’m not sure why.  Announcing at football allows you to hide anonymously in the press box behind the fans, not get up on a stage in front of 2800 teenagers and our colleagues with the success of a semi-chaotic event in your hands.

Cutting to the chase, the assembley was today, and things went better than I thought.  There were some technical glitches, but I received many compliments from teachers and students alike.  I made a few jokes, and tried to keep the energy up …., and keep things moving.

It took most of the day to wind down from this, and it could have been worse.  The kids liked it, and no one got hurt.


One Response to A new experience …

  1. Alan P says:

    Don’t downplay it – I’m sure it was spectacular!

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