If you see my father, give me a call

Easter Sunday at the folks house was more entertaining than usual.  My father was clearly not in a good state of mind, which was enough to creep my brother, sister-in-law, and I out.  Right after dinner, my mother told him off, and a big fight developed after I left.  My brother, sister-in-law, and goddaughter opted to move out (they had been staying there waiting for the home they are buying to go through the red tape).  My mom moved over to my aunt’s house.

update:  found dad … he was apparently living out of his car.  He blames my mom, brother and sister for not calling to check on him (my brother won’t take his calls, and my sister just screamed at him … those who know her know that is never a good experience).  He is also very afraid.  I attempted to talk to him, though I am not confident that this was successful.  He is meeting with my brother, sister, and mom this evening.  I’m not sure that he realizes that this might be the last time he sees them.


My mom went home yesterday, and there has been no sign of my dad since then.  He could be dead, lost …. who knows?


If he does stop by, let me know, please.


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