A Star Trek fans’ dream come true …

Every year, Austin, Texas is home to an annual sci-fi convention.  This year, there was to be a special screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  The lights go down, the film begins, and the credits start to roll.  All of a sudden, there are scratches, and the film seems to be broken.  The lights come up, and the hosts start to vamp a little with the audience.

Then, this happens:


(sorry, the embedding is not working)


The fans, with zero level of expectation, were treated to the world premiere of the new film.  That is a treat that any Star Trek fan would have been honored to be a part of.

Even the die hard fans (note, when Mr. Nimoy asked them “Do you want to see Star Trek II, or the new film”, there was mixed reaction), gave the film enthusiastic reviews.


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