One guy who made it in music

When I was in high school, I was in the band (what?? a nerdy future physics teacher in the band?  Preposterous!)  Most of my best friends I met in those years.  Few of us played beyond that … speaking for myself, I enjoyed playing, but had no talent.

Kevin, a little younger than me, had talent.  Real honest to goodness, no foolin’ talent.  He was a sax player, and showed as much passion for music as he had ability.  He was the only person I knew from my band years who made its his life calling.  I know that he has played for the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and even played a little backup for someone named Phil Collins.

This is not the best of Kevin (he’s not playing the sax or any of the other woodwinds he has mastered), but he was singing karaoke in Japan recently, and I was directed to the youtube site.  Glad to see that Kevin is still going strong doing something he loves.  Here is Kevin’s salute to “Just the Way You Are”.


One Response to One guy who made it in music

  1. Alan P says:

    Notice that he DOES play some sax later in the number (3:03 – 3:33). And he gets a good response from the rest of the club!

    My guess is that the other Americans with him are also in the band…

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