Blagojevich: HE GONE!

The flying circus that was the Rod Blagojevich administration is now a matter of history.  Rod, we hardly knew yeh.


edit:  It is now 5:10 local time, and not 18 minutes have passed since the conviction in the senate.  Local news is outside the Blagojevich estate, watching his security personnel removing the governor’s personal effects from security vehicles, and driving off.  It is like the passengers of the Titanic running for the last lifeboat.

One teenager was seen outside his home wearing a box on his head with the words “Alfred E. Newman for Governor”.

Lt. Governor Quinn (not yet sworn in) has informed the former governor that he has 24 hours to clear out his offices.  Illinois has no mechanism for replacing a Lt. Governor, so there will be no new Lt. Governor until there is an election.


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