Rubbing virtual shoulders with the big guys ….

My little blog here is a little over a year old, and in its best month, generate about 120 hits.  Imagine my shock when I came in today and saw over 160 hits today.  What the heck happened?

It seems that one of my posts (poking a little fun at the Cubs and their fans) had been randomly linked to this article on another wordpress blog:

It turns out that blogmaverick is Mark Cuban’s blog, and this post was his update on his attempt to purchase the Cubs.  My little blog linked up to Mark Cuban.  The world we live in.

For what its worth, I don’t know Mr. Cuban aside from what I see in the papers and on TV, but I have gotten the impression that he is something of an enlightened owner with a combination of pretty good business acumen and something of a down-to-earth personality despite being on the wealthy side.  As such when I heard he was lining up to buy the Cubs, I panicked.  The lack of enlightened leadership has been a hallmark of the Cubs, and perhaps the number one reason why they have remained lovable losers (not always so lovable).  A Mark Cuban led Cubs team could be a nightmare for Sout’ Siders.

Some will say that his Mavericks haven’t won any NBA championships, but I would point to the simple comparison between the current and recent Mavs, and the laughingstock of a franchise that existed just prior to his purchase.  Combined with a relatively weak NL and NL Central in particular, as a Sox fan, I don’t want to see this guy making better decisions for the team.


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