Robbing for a memorial to Flight 93?


For several years, there have been plans to build a deserving memorial to those who died on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.  Plans have been drawn up for not just a monument, but a whole national park.

The crash took place over private land, and most of that land has been purchased by the government.  However, one land owner isn’t signed on, and claims the government hasn’t been negotiating enough.  The project remains on hold.

Time is running out to begin construction to get everything ready for 9-11-2011, the tenth anniversary of the crime.  Some relatives of the survivors have had enough with waiting, and have now requested the Bush administration order the Interior Department to seize the land anyway.

I can’t say I know how these survivors feel to have a loved one ripped away from them by a heinous crime.  But is this how they should be remembered?  Going onto someone else’s property and rip it away from them?  I would hope that if a loved one ever was killed, and I wanted to build a memorial,that I would not insist that uninvolved individuals be forced to turn over money, property, etc. to build that memorial.

All this seems to do is add more pain to an already painful situation.  I can only hope that it will get worked out without


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