Merry Christmas!

Winter Break got off to an early start.  On Thursday, with the threat of a huge snow storm bearing down on the area, many schools made the decision to close on Friday, announcing such on Thursday afternoon.  By Thursday at 3:30, many schools were closed for Friday.  We ended up cancelling classes, but not until 4:45 am on Friday (which the school was forced to do because many of our teachers with littleuns had to stay home because their kids’ schools were closed).  Ironically, the roads were in better condition Friday than they were earlier that week when we got hit with a small ice storm.  Oh well, we already have to be in school longer than other districts, so its no major loss.  I was also smart enough to schedule my test for Thursday, so that worked out well, too.

I wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009.  I will be spending time with the folks and getting to see Al, Mrs. Al, and Baby Annalise for the first time.  Christmas presents will, as usual be delayed, but they will slowly get there.


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