How Seven of Nine changed the world

Jeri Ryan has led an interesting life: army brat, National Merit Scholar, graduate of Northwestern University, and got to play one of the most interesting (dare I say, erotic) characters on American television.

She was also married for a time to one Jack Ryan, financier turned school teacher turned ultra-conservative politician. Jack and Jeri had divorced when Jack ran for the open U.S. Senate seat in Illinois, and had a comfortable lead against an inexperienced upstart from the General Assembly named Barack Obama.

Yet, as Ryan all but dared the media to dig up dirt on him, the media did dig, and the Chicago press finally got his divorce records unsealed. Turns out, Jack liked ot take Jeri to clubs where he would offer her up to have physical relations with others (for the record, if I were married to a woman with the intelligence, talent, and beauty of Jeri Ryan, offering her around would not be high on my priority list). Suffice to say, the clean cut conservative running on the moral high ground lost it, and was forced to drop out of the senate race, giving the win by default to the unheard of local from the south side of Chicago.

This of course was the stepping stone to, like him or not, one of the most historic presidential elections in American history. Mr. Obama parlayed that unlikely win into a campaign in which he upset a gal born of the northside (White Sox fan vs. reformed Cubs fan turned quasi Yankee-Met fan), and then beat one of the more respectable senators in recent history for the White House.

Of course, with Barack Obama’s election, there came a vacancy in the senate which had to be filled by the highly unpopular governor of Illinois.

That takes us to this morning, when agents of the federal government served an arrest warrant on the governor (a self styled Cub fan …. this has been a bad year for Cubs fans, and if I may be cheesy, one wonders if the federal agents gave a little “resistance is futile” … yeah, I know, they didn’t): federal wiretaps had caught him offering up Mr. Obama’s about-to-be-vacant senate seat to the highest bidder. The governor was led out of the house in handcuffs. The senior senator from Illinois has already said that any attempt by the governor to fill the seat now would be unacceptable to the senate. Numerous people in the media, the Illinois Congressional delegation, and the General Assembly have called for a swift impeachment to remove the governor from power before he does anything brash.

All this because a guy wasn’t content to have a beautiful wife ….. how many Hollywood actresses can claim they were instrumental in getting the first African-American elected president, and brought down a corrupt governor.

Life is indeed a strange journey.


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