Can a liberal ever be elected again?

I remember asking my class the day after the historic ’08 election what they thought. Many were overjoyed, and a few saw the impending implosion of civilization. I told them that if history were an indicator, this would not be a revolution that swept away all of his tory before it, nor would it be the end of all things.

We are still at T-one month plus, and the far left seems to be concerned that its wunderkid is not creating the United States of Berkley that so many were sure was coming. Rather, his cabinet selections have been more centrist than their salivating taste buds can endure. And, like every politician dating back to the creation of politics, he seems to be re-examining some of his promises that were made on the campaign trail.

It got me wondering, are we in an era of life where the American left has all but evaporated? Oh, to be sure, many of their causes have permeated the center, just as many right wing causes have, and are likely here to stay no matter what. However, in the absence of a massive civil rights campaign, and the impressment of hundreds of thousands of unwilling volunteers into the army to fight in a war, is the left wing of American politics finding itself like a caged bird, only able to be fed a crumb once in a while when the shrieking gets too much?

As an apolitical centrist, I care for neither political extreme, but I also realize that for one extreme to gather too much power is a big problem. In my life time (coming up on 40 soon), there have been 12 years of democrats in the White House: one a socially conservative southerner who couldn’t handle the financial crisis, and the other a far left speaking pres who acted more centrist than his talk implied (not that he was a successful leader, just a lucky one at times).

It is true that democrats have just come off of their most successful election in decades, but I wonder how many of those democrats have their values planted as far left as people make them out to be? I wonder, if they did, would they have been elected in the first place?


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