Suddenly, I feel so ….. Italian

I just got home from school (10:20 pm, Saturday) ….. very busy day.


First, announcing football ….. big game, the team beat the local Catholic uberpowerhouse with the #1 defense in the state ….. 26-7.  The “7” came late in the fourth quarter after most fans had left.  The team has a real shot at the state title …. would be nice after 8 years.


After that, the band had their annual fundraising concert:  first pasta dinner and a silent auction (I won the White Sox tickets, outbidding the school board president …… twice) …. then the concert featuring marching band music, the dance team and the color guard performing in the gym.

I have been announcing football games for 12 years.  Its a lot of fun.  In addition, I volunteer to announce the band at halftime to free up the director to do director things.  For those not in the loop, I was in the marching band in HS, and many of my friends are from the band.

Last year, the band director asked me to announce the concert.  In addition they have three auctions throughout the concert to conduct the band in one number.  This year, with the economy, the three conducting jobs went for $1,000, $800, and $700 each …. in addition to the couple of thousand they made in the silent auction …… all in all, they make out well, though need to stretch that money for all the things they do.  This was my second year volunteering to announce this, and its a lot of fun.

Near the end of the concert, the band director came out and made his usual spiel about how important the fund raiser is, and that on behalf of the band, they are all very grateful for the support.  He then asked me to come out, and said some really nice things about me, and presented me with a plaque on behalf of the band for my years of work (which really, honestly, wasn’t much at all), and naming me an honorary member of the band staff.

My high school friends will understand the meaning of the title now.

I was very touched, and tearing up a bit.  It was a very nice gesture, and I am deeply appreciative that they thought so very highly of me.  All in all, a really great day.


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