saw dad yesterday

He is physically looking better (according to mom). He was able to talk, if not more soft spoken. He said he was glad to see me.

The new crux of the problem: dad is scared to death about work. He needs to work for a few more years before retirement. He currently works for a Japanese company, and is scared to death that his credibility will be shot if they find out he is an alcoholic (I know there is this belief in Japan that alcoholism is a weakness, but I also know this belief has been changing over time). His boss just thinks that he is being hospitalized for depression, though given the amount of drinking he was doing, my mom and I are pretty certain that everyone at his work must at least suspect the nature of his current hospitalization.

Dad is currently getting my mom to arrange the proper letters from his doctors to confirm that he is under their care, but is not certain he wants to apply for disability, as that would confirm the nature of his hospitalization. It may not be possible for him to keep his job without doing that, and he is really panicked.

Mom and I are convinced that he will never get better unless (at the minimum) he comes clean at work and confronts his fear over this. He is trying to find ways around this, but I have to agree that unless he addresses this fear, he will never get better. His previous boss was a jerk, though as I understand it the new boss is far better, and far more likely to understand.

Mom is doing her best, but she feels that dad is no longer honest, and cannot be trusted. She is looking to get a breathalizer to test dad every time he comes home.

Dad is hoping to get out after next weekend, though I am not convinced that this will give him enough time to work out his problems. The saga continues.


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