Rained out

For the second year in a row, we are taking a very early day off due to non-snow inclement weather.

While most of you have been watching the damage wrought by Ike, the Chicago area got battered by some bad storms. It rained for nearly 48 continuous hours starting mid-day Friday, and rarely was it down to a drizzle.

Sections of Chicago not far from me were evacuated. The bridge which is less than 200 yards from my home, normally about a 10-12 foot drop down to the north branch of the Chicago River, was more like a 3-4 foot drop. I did not find out the Saturday football game was cancelled until I got to school. A round trip that normally takes 40 minutes max (hitting every stop light in rush hour traffic) took me over two hours on a Saturday morning as many of the roads were down to one lane or closed off completely to non boat/submarine traffic. The large pond in front of our school was about five feet away from spilling over on to the road. We were also lucky because while the Des Plaines River came over its banks in some places, the river was far enough away in the forest preserve across the street that it did not affect the school.

The rest of the district was not so lucky. Parts of Des Plaines are a state disaster area, and are still impassable, not to mention families that were evacuated and lost a lot. While Park Ridge took damage, it was nothing like parts of Des Plaines. So, while the schools are OK, classes were cancelled because it was uncertain how many kids and teachers were ultimately in need of a cleanup day.

Fortunately, I was blessed: no interruption of service, and not one drop of water in the house. I was pretty darn lucky compared to a lot of people this weekend. As far as I know, all of my family and friends also made it through OK without damage to their property.

The football game is on at 4:00 this afternoon, so I will be heading back in to announce. Oddly, it is week three, and this is our home opener, and we will not be home again for three more weeks. Only one home game in the first five weeks, but three of the last four are at home. Weird!


One Response to Rained out

  1. Alan P says:

    We didn’t have as much rain in Cleveland, but we did get hella winds. Lots of downed limbs in the roads. We lost power for an hour, but otherwise didn’t have any problems.

    I heard reports of two-hour commutes this morning. Apparently the damage gets worse towards Akron and Canton. Lots of people still without power.

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