The best laid plans …

About a month ago, I decided to do something special ….. something I had never done before.

With my dad out of the hospital and not drinking anymore, and wanting to do something nice for his uncle (my great uncle) whom I am close with (and a big White Sox fan), I decided to look into getting Scout seats for a White Sox game.

The Scout seats are the eleven or so rows right behind home plate. The tickets retail at $180, but can’t be bought except as a part of a season ticket package ($180 x 81 = insane).

So, I went on line, and for a mere $600 or so per ticket, I purchased three tickets, directly behind home plate, seven rows up.

In addition to the great seats, the price also includes a tremendous buffet dinner, drinks, desserts (served after the seventh inning). During the game, all of the usual snacks are free (hot dogs, drinks, fresh hot popcorn, peanuts, etc, etc, etc.

Now before continuing, I do not advocate laying down $1800 for three tickets to a baseball game. Yes, that is an insane price. On the other hand, I honestly don’t spend a lot of money on myself. I didn’t take a vacation this summer. To me, an extravagant purchase is buying a computer for work. And considering I was doing this for more people than just me, I figured “once in my life, what the heck!”

So you’ve already figured that this blew up in my face somewhere.

My father has been sliding on his drinking a little. He has been attending AA meetings continuously. Sometimes he drinks on the way home from meetings. However, this has essentially ended. Unfortunately, his new anti-depressant is not working. It is rather having the opposite effect.

On Saturday, my goddaughter has her first birthday. My father was seriously depressed. He had an AA meeting that night, and despite my mother asking him to take two cars so that she could stay, dad insisted on one car, and my mother was furious when dad had to leave early. After his meeting, he was much better. I know mom can, at times, play the role of victim, and hoped that maybe there was some exaggerating going on.

Today, my dad didn’t go to work. My mother got a doctor’s appointment for him, and had to drive home to get him out of bed at noon to get him to the doctor. The doctor prescribed blood work, and my father refused. Mom drove him home and put him to bed.

I received this information at 3:20, as I was preparing to leave school to pick up my uncle. It was too late to find anyone to take the ticket, and too late to call anyone …. so I had to eat the ticket. It was a great experience, and enjoyed it as best as I could under the circumstances.

Mom has given up. She has pushed and pushed, and has decided to give up. I have asked to talk to him, and mom initially refused, but finally said I could talk to him tomorrow.

I have no idea where this is going, and between the two of them, I can’t figure out entirely what is going on.


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