Officer not-so-friendly

My sister, whom I love more than any of my other sisters (and as she reminds me, is true because she is my only sister), has finally seemed to have settled into a job.

She is now a badge carrying member of a municipal law enforcement department. She is now a police dispatcher.

Frankly, I am pretty jazzed about it. I think this could be a pretty interesting job, and I think she has demonstrated more than enough intelligence and disposition to handle the job (I mean, as long as I don’t call with a heart attack …. at which point she is likely to nag me the rest of the way to my grave ;-). Actually, I am pretty proud of her.

Speaking of heart attack, new on the job, she had her first call on such a thing, and got the emergency services people there fast enough to save the man.


2 Responses to Officer not-so-friendly

  1. Alan P says:

    I have to dispute the title of this entry. I’d call her Officer Friendly!

    Are you being careful not to mention the municipality? How far from the house is it – maybe I can make an intelligent guess, or at least some inquiries.

  2. teganx7 says:

    Yeah, likely not a good idea to mention the municipality publicly …

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