Sign #257: The world is ending, and we may be better off

My moral indignation …..

A few years ago, the International Olympic Committee, in an attempt to appease European nations who just couldn’t understand why East Asia, the Carribean, and North America have embraced baseball, voted it off the Olympic program after 2008. This will be the last time (at least for a very long time) a gold medal will be given in baseball.

So, instead of sending the highest evolved game on Earth out with dignity, the IBAF (the people in charge of international baseball) have decided to alter the rules of the game, just a smidge.

Should a game reach the 11th inning, the team coming to bat will choose where in the batting order they wish to start batting, and send the previous two batters in the lineup automatically to first and second base to start the inning.

If this were late March, I would assume that this was some sick twisted joke. Even little league would not stoop to such a measure. This is an abomination the likes of which I have never seen! Of some people will say the DH is as bad …. but they are wrong. This smacks of Europeanism: let’s decide the game by putting the ball in front of the goalie, and decide the game based on whose goalie takes a lucky jump to the left at the right moment …. and call it excitement.

And why would this abomination take place:

Federation president Harvey Schiller said the extra-innings change was adopted to save time.

“Extra-inning contests can bring about the most exciting results for players and fans, but such circumstances also make it difficult in the context of the Olympic program,” Schiller said. “We must demonstrate to the International Olympic Committee (that) not only does our game belong alongside the other great sports of the world, but our sport is manageable from a television and operational standpoint.”

For F!@#$%^ ratings!!!! If that’s the case, they can stage womens volley ball with players stripping an article of clothing every time their team blows a point. But please don’t mess with a game that represents the ultimate evolution in sport. This is just stomach churning.

Worse, considering Bud Selig’s aversion to ties …. I wonder if the All-Star Game will see a variation of this some time in the future.

Maybe it is just as well that baseball and the Olympics are cutting ties.


3 Responses to Sign #257: The world is ending, and we may be better off

  1. Tom N. says:

    Yah, I was never happy with the ballroom dancing leadership’s decision to try and make it an Olympic sport. Heck, even trying to get it on TV more made them change the rules so much that it took away from what the sport had been. Luckily, they don’t seem to be succeeding in making it an Olympic sport, as far as I know…

  2. teganx7 says:

    I know that it was a demonstration sport a few years ago, but does not look to be on the docket for Beijing. The IOC has been putting the hammer down on expanding sporting opportunities, unless it is to open more sports to women (I think women’s boxing will be added for London … or at least that is the current rumor). The application was made for this one, but too late to get it added.

  3. AlexM says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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