And for those of you not paying attention …

Things have gotten just a little crazy in baseball ……

1. Get rid of the devil, and victory is yours ….. the former Devil Rays (now just the plain unoriginal, though quite famous Rays) are not only in first place …. not only swept the Sawx out of the Bay … but are now holding the best record in all of Major League Baseball. This is a team with a best ever record of 70-91 … EVERY YEAR OF THEIR EXISTENCE HAS BEEN A 90 LOSS SEASON!! Their all-time winning percentage prior to this season was 0.399!! I mean, the Expos were about 0.480, and the whole French speaking world gave up on them (no jokes about the French and giving up …. they kicked them out of their (roughly) $1 billion stadium and shipped them where we usually ship our trash …. to Washington DC!) But now, what few Rays fans exist in the world can hold their heads high. Finally, there will be something to give rays a good name!

2. To quote Bart Simpson I didn’t think it was possible for something to both suck and blow. Yet, there is the train wreck that is the National League. As of this evening, of the 16 teams in the senior circuit, a whopping five have winning records. That’s right … not even one-third of the bloody league has managed to win half of their games. The American League Eastern Division alone has four teams over .500. This is the state of the National League: they are embarrassing themselves.

3. In the absence of anyone within 500 yards of New York doing anything constructive, the media pundits have actually begun talking about the Rays. I notice this week is also the week ESPN is doing their Dream week, where they help arrange for kids who are really sick to meet with their sports heroes. It is actually pretty nice, though I half expect to see them run a show where the dying Tampa Bay Rays of 2007 were gifted with meeting the Yankees or some such, and that this is their revenge on all of baseball.

Of course the other story is the anointing of the Cubs as the greatest baseball team of all time …. with one homer discussing on radio which of the nine starters will “have to be left off the All-Star Team”. Give me a break! Yes, the N.L. sucks rotten eggs, but that doesn’t give the Cubs full reign of the All-Star game.

Of course given the Cubs losing record on the road, the Cubs fans had better go to what ever bar they worship at and pray the NL wins this All-Star game, because if by some chance, the baseball gods forget to let loose the Bartman or the kraken or the goat or whatever pestilence they choose to set loose on them this year, and the Cubs find themselves in the World Series, they had better hope they get four games in that beer garden they call Wrigley Field, and not in some respectable road stadium. I too may be praying for that because if my White Sox don’t make it, and the Rays beat the Cubs in seven games, the whining of the 195 million members of Cubs nation about how they were robbed of the World Series because Bud Selig awarded the home field advantage to the team whose league won the All-Star Game will echo through the streets of this city for another hundred years. It will be intolerable. It will be like Cato in Ancient Rome, ending each speech with “Carthage must be destroyed” …. every baseball conversation will end with “we would have won the World Series of we had had home field advantage”.

I am not ready for that.

Of course, if the AL wins the All-Star game, and the White Sox and Cubs make it to the World Series, and the Sox defeat the Cubs, the whining will be tolerable … even musical ….


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