The Clothes Make the Man

In keeping with the overhyping of Cubsnation, Paul Lukas of ESPN’s “Page 2” wrote an article on the history of the Chicago Cubs uniform, and how unique and weird it has been. If you are interested in learning about changes in shades of grey and blue, please check it out:

Of course, when it comes to changing uniforms, and the world of the bizarre, no team on Earth has anything on my fellow denizens of White Sox Township. Enough fans complained, and Paul Lukas gave in and chronicled (with apologies to Jack Palance) the strange, the bizarre … the unexpected in the history of the uniform selection of the White Sox ….

Among the pictures of the odd and interesting:

Major League Baseball’s first BP jersey …..

The first uniforms to put names on them (and the first misspelling … you try spelling Kluszewski and fitting it on the uniform when no one has done it before).

This is another thing that the Cubs have nothing on the Sox …..

One word: shorts!

Two words: butterfly collars

1980s pajamas/beach blanket

1917 star spangled uniforms (I own a replica of this one)

… and more changes in color scheme …. red powder blue, navy blue and red, just navy, black and white ….. it goes on. Make sure you check out the prototype uniforms from the 80s that were never made two of them were pretty ugly looking, but one of them … the black looking one that looks pretty close to the one they started using in 1982 might have been an improvement.


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