White Sox update

Its is the second week of June, and I have been quiet about the White Sox, despite being in first place for a large percent of the season.

Today, the Sox trounced the Twins, taking the first three-out-of-four from the Twinkies, and boasting a six game winning streak. This win puts them 10 games over .500, and 5-and-a-half games in first place.

Obviously, it is early …. far too early. A week ago, they dropped three-out-of-four in Tampa Bay, Ozzie goes on a tirade, and people like Jay “the Tool” Mariotti were calling for his head. The offense wasn’t sputtering, because it would have had to existed to sputter.

Today, the Sox pound out 15 hits. Combined with the 16 hits tallied each of the last two games, it marks the first time since 1932 that the Sox have posted three consecutive 15 hit games; all the while outscoring the Twins 33-10. Where the offense was, it has returned in droves!

So …. Ozzie is a genius again (he always was), and the Sox are on a roll! Of course, they are still 2.5 games behind the Cubs. The Sox will, in nearly two weeks, travel to the Losing Confines and battle the Cubs before welcoming the Century Club to the Cell for three the weekend after that.

Rare times indeed ….. the Cubs and Sox both leading their divisions this late into the season.


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