Mom & Dad

I received a call this evening …. not one of those calls you want to get.

Dad is in the hospital … alcohol rehab ….again. His drinking, after over a decade of sobriety, restarted some time ago ….. his job and his mother, my grandmother, dying horribly in front of him was likely a culprit.

To say the least, mom has been shielding me from much of it. I only found out today about the seizures and the injuries. To top it off, mom has now been diagnosed as a depressive, and is going on more medication.

Dad has demanded that no one communicate with him until he gets out. To be honest, I have no idea as to their actual conditions, because I can never be sure that mom (or dad) is being totally open with their conditions. I wish I could pass on more information, but this is all I have.


2 Responses to Mom & Dad

  1. Tom N. says:

    Oh, no. Tom, I hope you and your parents get through this OK. You have our best wishes!

  2. Alan P says:

    Best wishes, as usual, Tom! You’re really a trooper. Call any time.

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