Follow up and Clarification (Should Parents be Licensed?)

Just for the record, while I do think that it is a very good idea for parents who homeschool to take coursework that gives them a broader perspective on how to teach (a lot of what we do with students works as well one-on-one as well as with individuals, except maybe cooperative education, which as its name implies, requires at least a small group), I would not so much be in favor of some actual licensing of parents to teach their children (I hope all parents are teaching their children for goodness sakes, and not just the morals, ethics, etc …. I mean I would hope that a parent can teach a little of literature and science and history and writing and reading, etc. There’s certainly no room for licensing in that!

Besides, we are seeing the fallout of (and I am trying to take a positive, if not naive approach) a well intentioned piece of legislation trying to improve education. It simply does not work.


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