Farewell, gram!

The last two days have been extremely busy …. First off, even though I was out of the coaching business, I did take on hosting the annual Sectional Seeding meeting.  Of course, it got snowed out on Wednesday, and could not be rescheduled for Thursday (in addition to me not being there, all of the other coaches in the district were competing for our district cup.  The alternative was:  I needed to seed.  Of course, when I did it, I made a mistake ….. I tried to correct it, and found, after the fact, that I had made another mistake.  Not the fan mail I wanted to come home to today.    The wake was …. a wake ……. lots of relatives from the far-flung parts of the country were there …..  even some from closer that I never get to see.   The undertakers did a nice job and gram.  She looked terrible when I saw her Sunday, but she looked very serene and (dare I say) younger.  I spent a lot of time meeting relatives and old family friends as is pretty standard.    This morning, I was a pallbearer, so I was with my brother and sister, and several cousins who were also serving.  My uncle read his eulogy before leaving the funeral home, as the mass only permitted him a short time.  His eulogy was very reminiscent of the past, and recalled his mother’s strength when she had to deal with poverty and with a husband who was not always in control of himself …. mostly it recalled her laughter, her cooking, her love of having a good time.       Aunt Jean broke down a bit as she paid her final respects. The mass was fairly sterile I’m sorry to say.  Surprisingly, at the cemetery, she was quite strong.  I think by that time there was a certain inevitability to the events of the past week.   Lunch was nice ….. got to see the cousins for a bit longer (some I haven’t seen in close to ten years!)    I think the big thing now is to try and get Aunt Jean and dad to get over their loss.  Grams death hit them both the worst.  I am hoping that they can. 


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