Sorry ….

Sorry to everyone for being incommunicado.  While school has been going pretty good, family things are pretty bad.  I cannot go into too much detail, but it goes beyond gram’s slowly dying in front of our eyes.  The only news on that front is that my aunt has been convinced that in the next month, gram will have to be moved to a hospice.  My aunt, bless her for having her heart in the right place, has been driving herself and the rest of my family to edge of chaos.  It is not a way for anyone to live.  Gram continues to deteriorate.


4 Responses to Sorry ….

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Take care of yourself, or you can’t take care of anyone else. Catch up when you can.

  2. Alan P says:

    Good luck. Hang in there. Call if you need anything.

  3. Beth says:

    Yeah, Tom. No need to apologize. If anything, I guess I need to check here more often…
    I’m sorry to hear about your Gram (and other family stuff). Please know you can call me if you think I can help in any way, or even if you just want to talk.

  4. Beth says:

    PS We really should have tried to get together today on this glorious “Snow day! Snow Day!” (one must do a little dance while saying that phrase) As you can see I’ve taken some badly needed “me time” instead. Hopefully you were able to take some “you time” 🙂

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