The Mitchell Files (The Truth is out there … somewhere)

The Mitchell Report has been released …. names have been outed, and once again, the media throws its hands in the air, with fists pumping:  it is time to have a field day with scandal!

To be honest, the biggest news is the names left off the report. Where is Mr. “I’m here to talk about the past” Mark McGwire? Where is Corky (Sammy Sosa for those who don’t know/recall)?

So …. where does baseball go now? Do we asterisk he records of the guilty? Ban them all, so that people like Roger Clemens can’t go to the Hall-of-Fame?

My thinking is: about the past: Baseball can and should do little. Baseball and its union are nearly as culpable as the morons who shot themselves full of these toxins. If you punish the players, you should do something to the owners. That, of course, will never happen.

About the future: draw up a tough drug policy. Make it tougher than the Olympic policy (one of the reasons that baseball was ultimately kicked out of the Olympica was the failure to have a tough drug policy. First offense: 50 game suspension. Second offense: season. Third offense. two seasons, a.i.a.n.

As for the Bonds, McGwires, Sosas, and Clemens …… let history take its course. McGwire was already flatly rejected in his first year of eligibility for the Hall. I suspect that was a look at things to come from this era ….. only player who have been squeaky clean (like Frank Thomas) will likely find the doors open in Cooperstown.

As it should be. For once, the media wonks who vote for the Hall-of-Fame might actually get it right.


One Response to The Mitchell Files (The Truth is out there … somewhere)

  1. cardtraderchat says:

    I say let them just play ball.

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